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Lu Katavist “kaidan” online + CDr album

kaidan 1kaidan 2kaidan 3

Lu Katavist supports Richard Scott at Spektrum Berlin 04th of June

Spektrum Berlin 4. Juni

Lu Katavist’s album “inburst” on Manchester based Vinyl label CUSPeditions is still fresh

inburst 1

Lu Katavist plays Noodlebar Rotterdam Feb 28th

noodlebar Rotterdam 28 feb 2015
noodlebar Rotterdam 28 feb 2015

Lu Katavist plays Sines & Squares Festival, Manchester

John Chantler / Lu Katavist / Richard Scott
Freitag, 24. Oktober um 20:30 (UTC+01)
Islington Mill in Manchester

facebook-site of this event

Sines & Squares Festival of Analogue and Modular Synthesis
24-26th October 2014 Islington Mill, Salford and The Martin Harris Centre, The University of Manchester. UK
NOVARS Research Centre in association with Open-Circuit, Salford and Basic Electricity Berlin are proud to present the first edition of the Sines and Squares Festival, celebrating the recent resurgence of analogue and modular synthesizers.

Part festival/part symposium, for the first time in the UK, this event brings together composers, performers, manufacturers, musicologist and DIY enthusiasts in a weekend of concerts, interactive sessions, installations, master classes, demonstrations, workshops and coffee… Guests include two of the most creative of today’s new breed of analogue designers Rob Hordijk of Hordijk Modular (Netherlands) and Tom Bugs of Bugbrand, along with artists such as John Chantler (ROOM40, Café OTO), Lu Katavist (smalldeath), Richard Scott (psi, Basic Electricity), Buchla-master Dan P and David Ross (ini.itu records). The festival will feature artists working with systems such as, Buchla 200e, Haken Continuum, Eurorack, Bugbrand, EMS Synthi, Expert Sleepers, Ciat Lonbarde and Serge.
Sines & Squares is supported by Thonk, Islington Mill, Analogue Solutions, Expert Sleepers, Bugbrand, Frequency Central, KOMA Elektronik and featuring the MANTIS Surround Sound System

The weekend will be a unique opportunity to listen, to enjoy, to educate, to meet and to learn more about the history, present and perhaps the future of analogue and modular synthesis. We will focus of the music, the instruments and on the people who build, love and play them.

We hope to deepen and enrich the culture currently surrounding analogue and modular musical technologies and to help build an artistic and discursive community which bridges boundaries, between academic and non-academic electronic music, between the technical and aesthetic, between synthesizers designers and users, between analogue and digital technologies between the past and current artistic practice.

An extraordinary line-up of over 30 artists from the UK, Mexico, Spain, France, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Slovak Republic, Mexico, Italy and Brazil including Rob Hordijk, Tom Bugs, John Chantler, Dennis Verschoor, Sam Weaver, Finlay Shakespeare, Danny Saul, Jo Hyde, Aidan Taylor, Kim Da Costa, Jens Hedman, Lu Katavist, Richard Scott, Jules Rawlinson, Ricardo Climent, Mark Pilkington, Dave Ross, Patrick Gunawan Hartono, Rosalia Soria, Guillaume Dujat des Allimes, Epameinodas Fassianos, Ignacio Pecino, Chelsea Bruno, Tintin Patrone, Nils Knott, Daniel van Eendenburg and the Krachkisten Orchestra, Manoli Moriaty, Melanie O’Dubhshlaine, Mat Dalgleish, Chris Foster, Gary Bromham, Andrew Lowe and James Prosser, Matt Preston, Dave O Mahony, Jim Frize, Andrew Duff, James Parr, Alexander Harden, Nuria Bonet, Alena Mesarosova, Manuel Ferrer, Rodrigo de León Garza, John Macedo, Caterina Barbieri, will present their music, research and ideas and there will be space to discuss the music, instruments, the scene and the ideas behind the remarkable recent resurgence of these beguiling and fascinating once thought to be obsolete musical instruments.

new vinyl release by Hex Operator now available

announcement of sdorg 03 LP by Hex Operator

deep atmospheric rhythm’n'drone
click here for a video teaser of Hex Operator LP (trailer with excerpts from 4 of the 6 album tracks)
out soon on records:
hex operator’s vinyl debut
limited edition of 100 LPs on white wax
hex operator teaser on youtube
and on vimeo
Hex Operator on bandcamp

lu katavist “self-ventilated” E.P. – game of life project

lu katavist “dorsum” L.P. – vicmod records

Lu Katavist live @ Basic Electricity #5, Berlin, August 31st, 2012

Lu Katavist: “seasoned ships” (new digital mini-album)

new studio video

lu katavist: Thor’s afternoon

Lu Katavist live @ basic electricity #5 – August 31 – Rheinland Re-load

Lu Katavist and Franz Schuirer will play live in Berlin! Many thanks to Navs for the invitation.
Date: August 31, 2012. More details here.

Lu Katavist & Keiji Haino live! Stadtgarten, Koeln, 2. Dezember 2011

We are happy and proud to announce Lu Katavist’s opening for Japanese artist HAINO Keiji @ Stadtgarten, Cologne next Friday.
Haino is one of the most interesting and long-serving artists of the Japanese underground/avantgarde-scene. This year he will perform with his voice only. It will be another intense and unforgettable event. Promised!
For more information on Haino go here.
Many thanks to AufAbwegen.

Lu Katavist “retoxis” LP now available

trailer video:

vinyl LP record release: “retoxis” by lu katavist from records on Vimeo.


liebe leute, die am 12.11. in d-dorf eine lp gekauft haben… lasst mich eure adressen wissen, ich schicke dann eine bessere version! die pressung hatte einen fehler, b-seite war nicht ganz zentriert (anders als die testpressung…).

price including shipping

digital edition:

pics and videos of Oscillate 1

Rastko live November 12th, 2010
Lu Katavist preparing
It was a great event. Thanks to our hosts! And thanks to for the pics. Here’s more.

And here’s a video of Rastkos gig in full length:

Oscillate 01 – Rastko Live from Franz Schuier on Vimeo.

Next to come: Lu Katavıst

modular event: Oscillate 1 – Live 12. 11. 2011

Lu Katavist and Rastko live at Consum/Düsseldorf:


release #1

Number 01 will be “retoxis”, an LP by Lu Katavist, release date tba, probably end of october.
Here’s a video showing him at work:

Continuum Fingerboard and modular synth – eight improvisations from Lu Katavist on Vimeo.